Attn Mellor - Gift Cert. ?

Hey Commmmmmandor Mellor, Who won the Gift Certificate I sent down for the Shin-locks-Sway-dig, anyway? Gotta get the camera going soon. I have some new stuff in the works and am about to go off the edge I think. Glad the gathering was such a success, surely the aloha spirit is still alive! Mahalo, Rich

Rich- I am the one who won your very nice gift!!! I wanted to give you a call and discuss my upcomming boards and their need for fins. Thanks again…stoked! Dave Jorgenson

Dave, You can email me at , we can chat on instant mssngr if you like, or call me at 831-475-8102 – evenings between 8 and 11 is best. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Mahalo, Rich