Attn: Rob Oblliges

Hey Rob, I was perusing a few of the threads here and noticed that you have had trouble with starfins torquing a standard center fin box installation loose. I wonder if you have considered routing small channels out the foam an inch and a half or so apart extending 3 or 5 inches perpendicular to the center fin box. I don’t think they would have to be very deep to put the kind of lateral structural integrity into the fin box mount to keep it in place. You have to route out the bottom of the board to put the fin box before you sand it anyway so why not put some fingers into the board to keep it in place. Whatayathink? By the way, have you attempted any modified starfin construction? I have something pretty wild planned. Email me and we can discuss some of the ideas I have. Some of it I have to keep on the Q.T. Mahalo, Rich

Howzit Halcyon, I saw some boards at Ambrose’s that had the fin box instralled between 2 stringers. I think he ordered special blanks with a t-band stringer, only the center was foam instead of wood. The wood was spaced so a Fin box would fit inside the wood. I’m sure he could fill you in a lot better on this subject.Aloha, Kokua

Hey Kokua, Stringers are the ticket, no doubt. lay a couple of stringers on either side of where the finbox sets in and WALA you’ve got plent of structural integrity. My solution was an alternative to stringers that would put structual feet perpendicular to the fin box. Off to the fin shop, Rich