August 13, 2011 get together on Oahu

Keith Melville and family will be here, so let’s all get together for a pot luck again, eat, drink, surf, and have a good time. Suggestions for locations are being solicited.  

Hey Harry - thanks for posting this up.  I think somewhere on the south shore/west side so we have the best chance to get waves?  

How about good old White Plains Beach and make it a family event and close for Bernie. 

There’s a spot down the road from White Plains where the fire dept. trains. My friends have been going there to SUP and they said it’s a nice place with an inside break for kids and an outside reef where they ride their SUPs. That might be a great spot for a quiet gathering. I’ll have to check it out. Don’t want to be too far from the road or wherever you park. That side would be good because Bernie’s beach car isn’t working and I can pick him up if we stay down that side. 

White Plains or Haubush would have waves, but it might be choppy and crowded.  

Oh really

nice information


OK less than a month away. definitely a get together on the 13, anywhere around Ewa is fine w/ me.  Who is in?


I will also be in town so can hook up for surf sessions w/ folk?  My faves - ala mo, lighthouse, trees – but wiling to meet where you like…send me PMs or give me a call.



White Plains (or nearby if Harry knows The Spot) sounds great to me.  We’ll bring food beer sodas etc… should be fun. 

AND can you please take some  PHOTOS , too , guys ??!!


  cheers and have FUN !!!!