August 19th, why is that day significant?

It is important to my wife, and to me, but few others.  It was one year ago, that date, that I had emergency quad bypass heart surgery.    The time has gone by quickly.   To celebrate the occasion, I've spent the past three days trying to pass two kidney stones!    This growing old crap, is just that, crap.    Far less fun than I'm accustomed to.   On the brighter side, I expect that this inconvience will pass, so to speak.    A geat many SwayBros sent well wishes at that time, and I want to say thank you, once again, for those careing   messages.

well Bill, growing old is crap, but it IS better than the alternative!  Hope you are enjoying the summer…


All the best to you Bill.  Keep shaping and surfing.

Ha!  I know what your talking about.

Between age 48 and 52 I couldn’t figure out what the he__ was going on.  All the aches and pains and I hadn’t done anything to deserve it!  Then at age 52 or 53 I finally admitted it… It was the AGE thing!  Damn!

But at 61+ I’m still here.  All I can say (but I think your ahead of me so you know anyway…)  KEEP FIGHTING IT!

Actually when you posted Aug. 19th I just figured it was my first grandson’s 1 week old birthday!!!

I called and sang him Happy Birthday while I accompanied myself on Ukulele!


All the Best B.T., hope the plumbing upgrade does the trick.

   Howzit Bill, And we are so glad to still have you here with us and I hope for many more years to come. Aloha,Kokua

Kokua, Howzit with you? Still transitioning or are things mellowing out?

   Howzit tblank, Starting to get the hang of living in the desert but I lived here for a bit back in 68 and try to visit the family every couple of years so it's not to bad. The hardest part is trying to find space to put all my tools and stuff and finally pulled the 2 boards I brought out of the bags to check for any travel damage and didn't see any. I flew US Air and was surprised they didn't askme to sign a waiver and on arriving in Vegas they asked me to check the boards for damage but I didn't since I just wanted to get on the road,it's possible they may actually care about any damage.One thing I have been doing is I found a use for a leash by attaching one end to the board and the other to a palm tree behind our pool. Then I paddle in place for 20 minutes to keep my shoulder in shape and will start doing longer times every week or so. It is actually better because you don't move through the water and that make for more stress on the muscles and I can feel it. They are going to open up a fiberglassing company that does different things and may look into it but I am leary of working with poly after the cancer thing, but I do love the smell of resin in the morning,fternoon and evening and will never get over that aroma. The other thing is for Az they are paying some good wages that are better than construction. Maybe with my years of expirience they might give me a job where I don't have to work with it that much but make sure the oher guys are doing it right, that could work. But the thingis do I really wantt work or just take it easy and spend some of the money I have saved for years and what comes in from other incomes I have. I also get my first SS checknext month.Just received my 12 volt blemder today so It is loking better for me to attend the Big Sur get together, plus I have been working on my dentures with the dremelandate breakfast andlunch with themwithout blending the food but swallowing is the problem andthat camefrom the radiation trauma to my throat. Aloha,Kokua

Bill you had me laughing hard with your celebration activity…!!  

Wow, one year already, amazing how fast time goes as we get older.  Happy your doing well and hoping it will be for much, much longer.

Keep up the good work Kokua,Good Luck with the new job prospect. Building here is still waaay down.

    Howzit tblak, I don't think the company has even started build their shop yet. The people who own the new industrial complex gave them the land for free just for being the first company to go in to the complex so they are already ahead of the game. I will wait and see if I even want to work after those SS checks start rolling in, might just travel around the US looking to meet other Swaylockians instead, that sounds like fun.Aloha,Kokua

    Howzit bill,Somebody sentme a email about this month having 5 sundays,mondays and tuesays and it won't happen again for over 800 years. I don't know if it could happen in another month sooner but that makes thismonth special also, but your anniversity is much more importantinmy mind. I also got an emil from another friend about Mars being closer to the earth this month on thefull moon and will be as big as the full moon. But as I keep watching I don't see anything that looks like that is coming. Aloha,Kokua