Aussie Suppliers

Hi all, Are there any aussie swaylockians that can recommend places to buy blanks and/or supplies from. I have found a handful of different companies but I would rather deal with a supplier with a good reputation, prices & support. So if anyone can recommend a company, particularly if you have actually dealt with them, that would be great! BTW I’m in Sydney. Thanks, Matt.

It would have to be SURFBLANKS in Brookvale. Created & Owned by Midget Farrelly. They carry a stock of blanks with various rockers and custom rockers only take 1-2 weeks. Also they have lots of cool supplies. Plus they are friendly people, unlike the other big blank company in the vacinity.

Agreed, the smaller of the two had a really helpful staff to get me situated (didn’t know anyone there the first time) with shaping bays and good leads on decent glassing. They even let me watch (from a distance) them pour blanks…

Or if your looking for blanks in QLD you’ve got Burfords and Southcoast Foam on the goldy.