Austin-Baird Surfboard

I just picked up a vintage 9’ 9" Austin-Baird surfboard. First one I have ever seen. I did a little research and the label has an interesting history and they didn’t produce that many boards. There are some initials and a number on the stringer. I’m hoping that someone familiar with the label and their shop back in the day might be able to shed some light on what these initials stand for. On the stringer is “LM” with the number “3” under it. Sure would appreciate any info. Thanks.

Sorry no light but I had a 9’8" when I was about 14 or so years old.  Much too much board for my skinny little body at the time but for what I could manage with it, it rode very well.

Thanks for the reply. Very cool. Yeah, this board would have been a hand full for me back in those days. I weighed about 120. I picked this board up to use at our surfing ministry at church. There’s a bunch of kids wanting to learn how to surf and I figure they can’t hurt this board. It’s still rock solid. I will try it out just for old time sake before I turn them loose on it. I’ll let you know how it works out!

HAH!  Yeah, that’s about what I weighed 115-120.  Some of my first nose rides…

I got a tip that the initials “LM” on the board could stand for Larry McElhaney, a shaper from Long Beach. Anyone know if Larry ever shaped for Austin-Baird?

txsurfbob:  You are right, the LM on your stringer indicates it was shaped by Larry McElaney who I went to school with in Long Beach, CA.  Bob Austin and I started Austin-Baird Surfboards in 1963 in the same building as Kanvas by Katin Surf Trunks.  I bought Austin out in the Spring/Summer of 1964, and shaped all of the boards from there until very late 1965 or very early 1966.  I was drafted into the Army on January 24, 1966…  After that there were at least 2 and maybe 3 or 4 others who shaped boards for me.  So your board was made in 1966 because I closed the shop in 1966 or early 1967.  For more information, contact me at  

Bob Baird

PS:  Send me a photo of your board for my archives.  Thanks




LM = Larry McElheny from Long Beach, that’s all I got. I’m from LB, I’ll find out more

Seeing this thread come up again reminded me that I developed a full on surf knot on the top of my head from carrying that board in and out of Trestles along the railroad tracks after scrambling down the cliff at the school at South end of San Clemente. My arms were too short to sling it in the usual way.