Australia / New Zealand Trip

Hi All, heading for Australia, Western Australia - for a months work out of Dampier.

After that, starting in Perth, I have about four or five weeks.

The basic itinary is

10 days for WA and transit to the east. That time could include Brisbane/Noosa heads to see Tom Wegener

It either a flight to Brisbane, or a bus or train across the centre to see the continent.

Then Sydney, onto Tasmania for a week/10 days.

Then New Zealand, South Island for family stuff, back to Australia, Sydney area

Depart Sydney end of April.

Any advice or suggestions welcome.

Invites also welcome, if you like beer you will love me :wink:

I do plan to pick up a kneeboard over there.

I’ve got a bed for you here in Perth and a Kombi you can use to get around in…

PM me if you want and I’ll give you my details…

You wont need 7-10 days in tasmania, 3 or 4 would be enough i think. Depends, if you like scenic driving in cold conditions ( ok maybe not really cold for you ), and quiet little towns, sure. But you may find it a little, boring. Sorry to all taswegians!. Other than that there should be some nice south swells that time of year, fingers crossed. Good luck

Hey Hicksy, top boi - will be in touch.

As for Taz, herself has two uncles and a lot of cousins out there, so that will take time.

Extending the sabattical on worldsurfradio for the duration.

If you need info about Brisbane or surrounds let me know. I’ve met Tom a couple of times and have one of his alaia boards which I hope to get to use a bit more when I have a couple of weeks off. Not sure what I’m doing after beginning of March as I start a new job, which may involve some travel.


With time frame and stuff - Brisbane might not be viable. Its all very spur of the moment.

I think my choice is fly Perth to Brisbane direct, or take a train/bus voyage across the centre via Ayers Rock, it will be one or the other this time out

You’ll probably want to bring a 4/3 for the South Island that time of year. Maybe even booties as well.

No worries Simon, let me know when and I’ll set you up… is that one or two beds…


As for Taz, herself has two uncles and a lot of cousins out there, so that will take time.

You’re a funny man, everyone has cousins in Tassie, they’re all related anyway…

One bed, meeting herself on the otherside, but her cousins might want to visit you over that- laughing my fecking arse off -

When in Perth would recommend heading down to Margaret river for a few days, great surf, nice place. The bus trip across the center, wouldn’t do that. Theres a lot of nothing between sites!! If you wanted to see Ayres Rock I’d fly to Alice Springs. If you are up at Dampier you will get a good idea of the countryside and I’d suggest you will be over it by the time you start the bus trip.

Have fun!

April is PRIME time for the East Coast pointbreaks. Fly to Brisbane and rent a car and drive south.

Can’t put you up but PM me and if you want I can lend you a buffed tent and put you onto some uncrowded spots.


Hey Simon,

When your in Perth I recommend that you nip down to Mandurah…

…and bring me back a Sunova