Auto Epoxy ??

Came across something that looked like a good deal for resin and cloth. Illstreetcomposites. (used for automobile modifications) Any advise on using there epoxy and cloth for building a  board?  bad idea? at half the price of most epoxies it is tempting.

Sorry forgot to add the link

Be interesting to see what you find out.  You also might consider joining up with some other local board builders and buying a more commonly used resin in greater quantity to save.

you might want to get epoxy with UV additive in it.  RR and Greenroom epoxy is very user friendly.  I use to use similar epoxy and find it is harder to mix and wetout the fiber compare to surfboard specific epoxy also they have a bit more flex too.  But the price is really attractive for 1.5gl kit.

gonna give the resin a shot, at that price i got to…

im searching for uv additive, any ideas?

might do some test panels to see how it compares…

the autobody industry is a good resource for what we do…

good find fo sho…


Id rather spend 40 more $$ and get 1.5 gallons of RR epoxy. Your trying to save like 12$ a board and use an inferior product. The set time and drying time are far too slow for their fast system also. The specs from the link…Mixing Ratio by Volume: 2:1

  • Pot Life: 15 Min @ 80F

  • Set Time: 1-2 Hours

  • Drying Time: 3-4 Hours

At those temperatures I’ve flipped a board using resin research quick kick 45 minutes after laminating,3-4 hours is not fast.

Looks promising to me crosscut.  That’s about half what I pay for 1 1/2 gallon kit of epoxy I like.  I’d throw a little yellow tint in it and not worry about yellowing.  I hope you’ll be the test pilot and report back.  $40 will buy me 10 or 11 yards of cloth or enough for another board plus a six pack of beer.  Maybe I’ll give it a try myself.  Thanks for posting.

Jesus, why do you say it’s an inferior product?  Mike

Hey Mike,I could be wrong but with those set times the finish coats may drain off. I would not dump it on a shaped blank with out doing some test panels first. I would use it to make fins though. For the above resin I would pay 85$ after shipping for 1.5 gallons,for resin research I pay 111$ for 1.5 gallons shipped to my door. If I make a board on a budget Ill make my own fins and glass them on to save money.

Hi Jesus,

$111.0 for 1 1/2 gal kit to your door is a good price.  That’s less than I pay and I drive an hour each way to get what I"ve been using. I thought RR was more expensive. Maybe I better take another look.  Do you order RR direct or from one of the retail houses? I’ve been using Composite epoxy.  About the same cure times as the auto epoxy.  I do have run off issues on the rails with fill coats.  At least that’s my excuse for being a shitty sander and hitting weave consistantly. I’m with you on making my own fins and glassing them on.  The whole trip is more satisfying when the board works like you hoped and it included home made fins!  Mike

Hey Mike,its cheaper to order direct from RR, they do not have an online store so you’ve gotta jump through some hoops. I didnt know shipping was included in their pricing for the US until I read the whole page.

just keeping an open mind bro…

RR is good stuff, been using it since 05,  i get it in the 7 1/2 gal kits, price per gallon  is a bit better that way…

i like to seal the blanks, in my own way, probally different than the traditional way guys do it, i was thinking maybe use it for that at least?

could save some coin? get a sixer like rooster had mentioned…

Thank everyone for the replies, I don’t have a lot of experience with epoxy, I’m an old dude from the vinyl ester age, and kind of getting back into it, so whenever I buy my epoxy I reflect about the good old $20 a gallon days. After reading about builders using table top epoxy it got me looking. My feedback may not be as insightful as the experienced builders. So If or when someone give it a shot Please post about it.

I’d be worried about the health issues using cheap epoxy.