Average surfboard length?

Hey guys. 

I want to make a single board to sell to pay for the next board I make because I want to improve my design but it costs a fair bit of money, this question is a little bit blunt but what do you reckon the average surfboard length is? I was thinking maybe the real young groms who are just getting into it size because they would be pretty hard to find. Or around a 5’6 shortboard for 12 year olders.

What would your opinions be? Maybe someone who owned a surf shop on here might have a bit of knowledge on this.

You are super motivated. And i think when keep the drive you will get there. What price do you expect it to be when finished ?

About $200 - $300 I’m pretty confident most people will enjoy the model I have right now.

Everyone loves fish

I live on the Gold Coast though so its a bit of a trend thing to be surfing a high performance board.

The average length is 4’’ shorter than a hipsters height? But really, how long is a piece of string? 

When that is the selling price. It is cheap. What’s your profit?
What is most common in the line up?
I would make a board for a hipster.
At least a quad or 5-fin.
Hipsters have money. So you can push up the price.
Groms don’t have money, unless there parents do. Hipster buy cool. Once sold an '90’s board with glass-on fins as cool vintage/old school.