Hi Swaylockers,

Just a quick Hello to all members. I finally had the courage to sign up and will hopefully take part in some of your discussions. I have been reading and watching this site for the last 6 months and I have to say it is very interesting some of the discussions that go on. I’m a board builder in Sydney Australia , one man band knocking out about 4-5 a week. I left the corporate world to follow my dream ( Midlife crisis ) and absolutely love what I’m doing.

I just want to thank all members past and present for their posts as they have been most valuable in helping me in some tricky moments with my boards.

Now it is time to share my limited experiences.

A big thank you to Greg Trotter from SOAR fins for helping me get going and selling me the best glass on fins in the business. You have been a great help to me and a good friend. Thank you Greg.

Let the Games Begin.

Paul Finch

Samurai Surfboards.

Great to meet you Paul,

Now it’s your turn to teach us…

Share and compare, that’s what it’s all about…

Ask questions, have fun and enjoy the ride…

Good to have you on board…

Thanks for the welcome Hicksy,

Oh to Share to Share,

Current issues.

For some reason my legrope plugs are lossening up after I set and sand them, not pulling out or anything but seperating from the resin ever so slightly.

I thought it could be to much white pigment. ???

Maybe to must catalyst causing it to become brittle. ???

Only just starting to do it though, say last 6/7 boards

Otherwise general stuff like sand thru’s , looking at using Protec next couple of boards. Never used it before, so should be an interesting week next week.

Thanks again.

Leash cup:

*Make sure you are adding chopped glass to the resin mixture.

*Don’t over cook with too much catalyst

*Don’t use sanding resin, use lam resin

*Don’t over sand the area so it gets hot, that will crack the resin around the resin ring.

*I put a glass patch over the plug when I’m done sanding it flat…insurance & piece of mind

*Make sure the hole you cut out for the leash plug is scored inside, take a nail or something sharp and rough it up.

*Make sure the leash cup outside is rough’d up with 60 grit sand paper. Or better yet cut some groves on the outside with a razor blade…scuff it up.

*And last on the big double cup guns boards. I finish my leash hole cut outs with a dovetail router bit. This cuts the hole out in a pyramid shape…you know bigger at the bottom, smaller at the top. Cap that sucker off with a 6oz, 6 inch glass patch…The only way the plug is coming out is if it takes 6 inches of deck with it.

Overkill…yes. Leash plug ever pull out…No. Break board, yes. Break leash, yes. Just taking out one of the 3 variables to a long swim.

my 10 cents


Welcome aboard!

Good to have another Aussie on the good ship Sways. Gotta try to equalise the Oz:Seppo ratio.

One suggetsion - update your personal profile so people have a better idea who you are at a glance.

Good to have you here.

Thanks Resin Head, All points taken

I can clearly see where i’m going wrong now. Eg. setting with hot coat resin number one.

Cheers for that.

welcome samurai.

btw, great input resinhead.