Back in Surfboard Biz after 14 years

Hay out-there went to construction for 14 years and after THE Recession lost everything but my talent for glassing and sanding so got back in and have a glass shop in Ventura County any body out there how knows how to sand I need help I am doing epoxy SUP’s for a company, hard to find good help.    805-484-0400   cell 805-732-4694

Hey Ray,


I've been surfing for almost as long as you, and used to do board repairs for a shop in the San Fernando Valley clled "Cal Foam" in the early 80's, and have been glassing boards ever since. I started shaping about 8 years ago, and have been doing it as a hooby since then.


Are you still looking for any part-time help, or...


I live in SE Ventura (Oak Park).