Back on Track with my Sways Reference CD Project

Sorry folks

now that the CD is out time to take this offline again…


for those that were lucky to get one of my builder’s resource archive CD (I made a 100 for Keith and Bill to pass out)


Just use your computer or another program to look what’s on the CD versus letting the flash program autorun from the CD when you insert it. It’s like an easter egg… It you do I think you find alot of neat articles and materials documents…

for those that didn’t make it to Keith’s or to Bill’s class at the Museum.

you can PM me a request and I’ll consider whether I can afford the postage to send one your way.

A donation to Mike’s cause would be nice.

for the folks that helped we work on it don’t worry a revised copy will be on it’s way to you soon.

those who have any great things you would like me to add please PM me as well and send me what you have developed and I will do what I can to keep improving on the Resource Guide.

Sways Inspired…

as always

For those of you that have one here’s what’s on the CD other than the flash link presentation.

Greg Tate’s Swaylock’s Builder’s Archive

Terry Hendricks Design Info Folder

TGS Gary Young Interview

TGS Robbie Dick Interview

2000 Keynote Address HI Water Safety - James Dator (Futurist)

ACP Price list

HexWeb Honeycomb Sandwich Tech Guide

Lokbox Brochure

Carpenter-On the Hydrodynamics of Dolphin Skin

DataProBalsa Spec Sheet

Demand Products Catalog(EPS Rasps)

Carpenter-Effects of Cutaneous Ridges on Dolphin Skin

Clark-The Future of the Surfboard Industry

Global Surf Industries Catalog

H Grade Divinycel Manual

Ridgeway-Features of Dolphin Skin with Hydrodynamic Importance

Alcan Composites- Classification of Core Materisl Used for Structural Sandwich Marine Transoms

McKee M4 and M5 Fin Placement Formulas

Paine Surf Thesis 1975

Rell Sun Postcard

Schlotter-Comparison of Core Materials for Sandwich Composite Construction

Seabase Clark Catalog

SP Guide to Composites

Surfboard Design and Construction 1977

Surfboard Design - A shapers Journal

Surflight Epoxy Guide

Composite Materials World Magazine Excerpt-Ken Ebert and Segway

Diagram- HWS Rib Making Templater

Wood Dust as a Carcinogen

Diagram- HWS Wood Rail Building

Diagram-Hotwire Edge Bander

Diagram-Mckee Quad Fin Placements

Diagram-Hotwire Planer

Diagram-Quad Fin Templates

Shaper Tree

Parmenter-Anatomy of a Surfboard

Parmenter-Hands Brain and Soul

The Barnfield Chronicles

Barnfield Does Rail Bands

Cort Gion - To Kiss the Sky

Chapman-Discovering the Dolphin’s Secret

Pirsch-How to Build You First Surfboard

Ned MacMahon Interview on Homeblown

Ma’ika’i Magazine Excerpts on Hawaiian Watermen

Parmenter Manifesto 1

Parmenter- Dawning of the Morning of the Earth

Gabrielson-The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches

Grimley-The Physics of Surfing

Tom Wegener Interview

Sway’s Tools Discussions

Air Core EPS Sailboard Construction

Audio-In The Lineup with Rusty

Audio-In the Lineup with Nev, Bert Burger and Greg Loehr

AVI-Shaping with Parmenter

For those of you who want to try and build your own archive here’s all the URL’s althoguh some of the websites are now long gone…

Surfboard Design and Contruction…onstruction_1977.pdf

How to build your first surfboard

Anatomy of an Epoxyboard the BOARD LADY

Natural Curves Surfboard Design

Parmenter Hands, Brains and Soul…_to_shape/index.html

Parmenter Anatomy…s/anatomy/index.html…y/anatomy_flash.html

anthony’s Super Site

Harbour design guide

NPR The Surfboard…ures/patc/surfboard/

Wegener articles on design

Snake’s surfing guide for coaches

Erin Grimley"The Physics of Surfing…pers/physicsgrm.html

Harbour construction guide

The Bert Berger Biography

Bert Burger S-Curve in Tail…;mh=25;guest=4221910

Vacuum Forming…;mh=25;guest=4281801

Latest creations…;mh=25;guest=4281801

Wood Fins…guest=1009267#161667


neutral axis…_latest_reply;so=ASC

Clark-The future of surfboards…_latest_reply;so=ASC

Project ASH- Mike jones…orum.cgi?post=194577

Taping Skins Skins…iew_flat;post=202704

Joining Skins…iew_flat;post=245240


Bill Barnfield Shaping Rails…;mh=25;guest=4221910

Earth to Barnfield…;mh=25;guest=4292971 catalouge

a brief history of surfboard design 2003 B.C. to 2003 A.D.

Fin Theory…

a timeless classic!…i?post=159277#159277…orum.cgi?post=159628

swaylock story:…/swaylocks/index.php

Greg Loehr’s Theory of Pitch

Greg Loehr’s Theory of Balance?…i?post=118169#118169

Greg Loehr on Scaling…i?post=227067#227067

ShapersTree - Tales from the Saga

epoxyboard repairs BOARD LADY

KR’s Profiling Machine…/designoutlines.msnw

Making your own balsa board blank…_latest_reply;so=ASC

Gary young Interview…pment-Gary_Young.pdf

Advanced Composites Review…neboog_composite.php

Vacuum Bagging Fiberglast…pplications-230.html

Starboard Composite Discussions

Clark catalog…Foam%20Catalogue.pdf

Parmenter Manifesto’s(links?)

Parts 1,2 and end of clark




Building Videos

Parmenter Quicktime

Harbor Video shaping / glassing videos

Alternative watercraft

Swaylocks picture archive…&sa=N&tab=wi

Rell Sunn


Hawaiian watermen…es/0705/brian_k.html



Dolphin skin…ls/ieee-m-b-9-93.pdf…arch=%22carpenter%22




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