back to my crappy volan

I posted a week or so ago about some volan I purchased that has what looks like big fade lines running diagonally through it. my question is, if I were to do a tint with this would they become more pronounced or would the pig even them out? same question if I were to do a opaque swirl on the foam then layup the glass on that. this glass was bought to do boards for customers and it looks like crap on a clear layup.

At the very least take some samples of the cloth including sections with fade lines and see how it lays up on scrap foam with pigment. The fade lines may be a variation in individual fiber density or contaminant and either of those will affect tint uptake. Can you see any variation in the cloth before laminating? Are you sure it’s in the cloth and not perhaps related to laminating technique? With multiple layers it’s possible to get pin air between layers that might create diagonal patterns.

yeah, it’s the cloth. you can see it when you lay the cloth on the blank (dry). it goes from end to end (width) diagonally and there’s one every foot or so. looks like it was left in a place where the sun hit it in the same spot for a really long time.

don’t what happened to the other pics. worked last night. sorry Mike if size caused any trouble. try this…