backward board??

After reading the post on the backward fins you guys have all got me wondering about my board on top of the van. Is it wrong to have the nose of my boards forward when it’s on the roof racks? I’ve always felt that it was more aerodynamic being that the nose has way more rocker in it and usually hugs the top of the van better. Is there a good reason to have the board one way vs. the other. Help, I’m feeling like a Kook again. Is there something I should know?

I don’t know much about aerodynamics and I haven’t read the posts about backward fins, but one day I forgot to strap my board to my roof racks. After about 20 km (12.5m) of both slow inner city (including roundabouts) and fast (100 km/h or 62.5 m/h) highway driving, the board was still exactly where I had put it. Nose forward, fins up. I for one will always strap my board to the racks this way…just in case.

It’s more aerodynamic nose forward… the tail forward thing is so that the fins will catch on the straps if it’s too loose. I hate putting the death grip on my boards, so I do it that way.

It will be more aerodynamic if the fins are up, but that’s more of an issue of the sun melting your wax if you put it the other way.

rkelly’s the Man. I carry my boards in a pick-up truck. But, when I used roof racks I carried them fin forward so they would catch the straps and wax down so it would’nt melt. If my boards were in bags I strapped em nose first because the bags act as parachutes. Never worry about being a kook. I’ve been a kook for 32 years. Mike

How about a new rule, haha…

Multiple fin boards = fins forward

Single fin boards = fin back



If the fins are forward and the straps are loose the fins are not going to help alot if you need to hit the brakes real hard.



…wax down…???

fins forward,hit the brakes hard,rear end the car in front of you and that board is sailing down the happened to me(i wasn’t driving).