Backyard Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Recently my brother jumped back on a ‘fat boy’ board (5’6 x 19 x 2 3/8) I made for him about 4 years ago when he was over 180lbs (now less than 160).  Anyway he’s been really ripping on it and catching everything in sight.  He was bummed when he kicked out of a wave, the wind flipped it over and he landed on one of the fins. Thanks to UV cure and that I happened to have some Futures boxes in my shed (FGH closed on Sunday) I got him back in the water the next morning. Too bad I didn’t have a blue box to match.

Not saying this is the right way or the best way… this is how I did it in about 1.5 hours (not including the 3 hours I let the qcell mix harden), I used a rotozip free hand to cut the box out quickly rather than rout the box away with the install kit… a couple of 5oz dixie cups, some qcell, about 5oz UV lam resin, catalyst, surfacing agent, Futures install kit, angle finder, 3M 233+, a small piece of 4oz S-glass, single edge razor blade, 4 1/2 grinder with 50 grit, milwaukee 5540 w/ 6" med power pad, 150/220/320grits. a dollop of FGH polish. 3-4 minutes of afternoon Hawaiian sun. He could have surfed it the same day.


Here a short clip of Rich snapping on a mushball a couple months ago. 51 years old

160505r from Bud FromHawaii on Vimeo.


Nicely done Bud. Good to see you take care of your brother. Are you the one that posted the vacuum swingarm as opposed to the line and pulleys holding the vac hose up? If so, could you please post another shot of that. The topic was recently brought up again. Thanks heaps.

TBlank I remember the pic of the set up you’re talking about but wasn’t mine, my shop so small that I have the pipe to vac hose on the ceiling.

Nice Bud!

Always love your posts.

Howzit Bud? Thanks for setting me straight. My mistake. I just remember you always had a neat orderly shop. Thank you for your quick reply.

Nice Bud. Good to see these kinds of posts.

…no doubt that Futures is a pretty bad system; it do not hold any lateral impact also.

Bud, why do you say quick fix? how are the steps that you avoided?

Quicker even is to not make that pattern in the resin bed and pour/put the box directly.

nice bud!

i have done the same but used pour foam with white tint instead of qcell

reverb futures are fantastic - if routed a little deep and covered with multiple layers of glass they are rock solid.