Looking for one guy to go on weekend and sometimes three dayers down to Baja. My surf bud of many years is not as into it as he once was. Not sure why. He just turned 50 so maybe that has something to do with it. I got him a bottle of 30yr old single-malt scotch for his b-day. You’d think he’d be stoked.

I live in San Diego. I am a carpenter at Sharp Hospital. I surf 3-4 times a week. Been surfing since 15 yrs. old. I’m 48. I have a Tacoma 4x4 double-cab w/ shell and racks. Just thought a little info. would be relavent. I will admit this feels a little wierd, looking for someone to surf with, because for me anyway surfing has always been more of a solo thing. However camping/surfing in Baja alone is not the smartest thing to do. Unfortunately that is the reality of the place.

Anyway, if your interested shoot me an e-mail and we’ll talk about it.


Dude Im interested. Im straight!!! Just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyways Ive wanted to go on some surf trips south o’ the border but am reluctant cuz I dont know where to go. Im 41, Suck at surfing, but thats cuz I dont get out as much as I used too. A trip south will motivate. Let me Know what your plans are. PM me if you like. Im stoked just thinkin about it


last year i havent been out much-- back hurt–but baja? havent been for 25 years!! maybe thats what i need to get the stoke back… was surfing 3-4 time a week now i barely remember if i can…thought last year was one of my best-of the last 45 board riding

k39… san migel…3-m’s…stacks…and further south–over 60 longboard–carpenter also

Last time I went for surfing, in '83 or so, I was surfing 6 days a week and had been for 15 odd years.

Either it will stoke the fire or kill it, I don’t know.

Combo windsurf/surf trips don’t count.

BahiaTort SW of GNegro and OpenEyes the highlights.