Bali advice

Hey folks, turns out I get sent to singapore for work in July.  I priced out tickets from singapore to bali and it’s not out of the question for myself and the woman to go over for a short trip.  I was wondering if any of you had some advise on a chick friendly place to stay.  Somewhere nice and clean near decent surf, preferably that has yoga (she’d like that).  Thanks in advance.

One word “Balian”

ah, that looks like a good tip. Another question - if you were only going to take one board there at that time of year, what would you take (6’10 semi ?  Photos looked mellower than that).

check out this one… run by a former wct female surfer…


If you go to balian you will meet Jenny she is a good friend of my wife and lives there. She has a sweet clothing line you should say hi if you get there.

Balian is a pretty mellow wave but can be pretty fun, i surfed it 6-8ft, nice walls and just rode a standard shortboard. A fish would be fun to ride out there