Balloon fins?

quick searching shows very few results on a balloon fin…got a Dano recently and he is suggesting a ballon fin.

Anyone have advice on what/why/where of balloon fins?

Thx makes mention of a ‘da cat/balloon’ fin
Could it be this one?

yup - thats it. Hmmm, now where to buy.

Very similar to an El Gato fin from Rainbow Fins, or a Sparky fin from Fibre Glas Fin Co.

El Gato, yes - thank you!

Anyone have any theories/experience on how this fin will affect the board?

It is a 9’5" Dano Los Creeper

For the folks in the know about those glassed-on da Cat ‘balloon’ fins:
Were they a thicker foil and was the end thick like the root? Or were they thinner and more uniform in thickness?

The original one’s I’ve had and seen were pretty much a flat panel with a taper at each end. No real foil.

I let Dano know about this thread - so maybe he will jump in since he uses these balloon fins on a few of his boards

Made this one a while ago. She is a fatty. Not sure if it has ever been surfed so I can’t give a ride report.

beauty. want.