Balsa and Mahogany Shortboard

Sorry havent got any construction photos only just discovered Swaylocks.

Balsa and Mahogany 6`4" 20 1/4 2 1/2 (weighs about the same as my surftech)

Done without vacuum 7mm Balsa top and Bottom Single Concave

Carbon FCS Fins

Hope this is of interest to someone, only my second board… the only way is up…

Great site wish i had found earlier would have made this build so much easier…

hi tommo, good looking board , how did you do it without vacuum and what is the core , poly or epoxy and how much glass, pete

Total ball ache without vacuum, laying up each piece at a time took quite a while (divorce was almost on the cards). Eps Core. 4oz in and out ,with just a sanding coat. Surfed 5 or 6 times rides great, but havent had anything challenging yet…

Refer pump-bag setup on the cheap.

First boards are a labor of love.

Looks fantastic!

Vacuum bagging can have a lot of drama,but It sure makes compsands easier.

My wife wondered what happened to me for 3months after I discovered Sways & the search function.

Good luck with # three.


Looks great.

My uncle lived on the Ilse of Man for many years.

Unfortunately he passed away before I ever visitted.


how come it ended up light as a surftech? did you use

a light core ? soft balsa? both?

you’re dog is funny, made me laugh, hiding behind …

hope u get the waves you’re looking for , it looks like a great ride.


I don’t get it, how did you clamp the balsa down to the compound curve with out vacuum?

Lay up the balsa on the eps and bend 18mm mdf 3" strip across the board cramped from under and over. Repeat ever 6" and sand like a mad man when cured. Many Many Cramps

EPS Core and the removal of most of the balsa after curing.