Balsa blank supplier?

Good morning or afternoon, depending on your time zone.

Just wondering who is using what in terms of balsa blanks these days in the States… I have a good supplier here who doesn’t yet export over yonder, and am inquiring for a friend.

Many thanks!

Hi Jeffrey,

Not sure if you want the full DIY kit like Grain has em’ in Maine but have you seen the balsa pre-assembled/chambered blanks before? My good buddy Victor in Idaho over at Corridor Surf and Paddle sells them. You essentially just shape in the rails and play with some contour and off it goes to glassing.

The dude at Wave Tribe also sells them if you are in the Ventura/Ojai area of the cali coast.


All the best,


Seems to me he is inquiring about a Balsa Blank, not a kit.  Are the Grain kits wholly Balsa.  Rhino used to supply a lot of Shapers, but I don’t know if they are still at it.

Thanks for the responses.

Yeah, definitely looking for a blank and not a hollow-build kit. I’ll check out the links.

Rhino used to be a good source, and I used to bring in blanks from Shark Bay, and from Skip Kozminski before that (I know, some have had issues but he always dealt square with me on my shipments). Been out of the professional game for a while now and don’t really know who’s building decent blanks or importing them to the US. I know there is good wood in Bali, and a lot of that goes to Australia, just concerned about shipping costs.

If nothing else turns up, I can always bring a blank from here and then board(blank) train it to my friend!