Balsa Fin question...

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the best way to go about glassing some balsa fins (as pictured)… am I better off glassing them separately on a flat surface before fixing on to board or is it easier to glass them directly onto board?

Was thinking of covering them with 1 layer and then glassing them on with an extra two layers of 4 ounce on each side to finish them off on board, any advice is welcome at this stage … kind of wishing id just stuck with easy old Fcs now! :slight_smile:

From a beginners viewpoint I would say it was easier to just glass them right on in one shot. I did it flat to start with but I used some old 6 that had stains that showed up after wet out so I pealed the glass before it kicked. Also, I figured it’s less steps to do and sand it all at once and you’re done. The multiple layers being on the outside helps to fair the base also.

Look for a Bert Burger thread about making wood fins in the archives. Follow the steps he uses and you’ll have some good fins. You need a bead of resin around the edge of the wood, if you try to do this when glassing the fins on, you’ll have a hard time.