Balsa in or near ventura


does anyone know where I can get some balsa planks in or near ventura?

I’m desperate.



I know of forst hardwood who list balsa on their website, but they are in san diego. that’s far.

Frost is currently out of Balsa. They don’t know when the next shipment will arrive. It could be months. They claim that heavy rains in Ecuador have delayed the harvest.

thanks for the info. anyone else? also, if balsa isn’t availabler around here right now, what would be my next best option? I really want to make a wood surfboard from planks.;#345317

thanks swied. it looks like im going to check that SANTA ana place for balsa ,and then look around for some basswood.

i think scott at foams fins and fibregalss in ventura has , or did have, some balsa blanks

I’ve never seen any balsa blanks in scotts shop. but im not interested in shaping a blank, I want to make the blank. thanks though.

yeah, he’s had one or two in there. did you check any lumber places up SLO way??

Check with:

Rhino Balsa

Rhino is a no go… I checked last week. Anyone else have suggetions?

Perhaps North Pacific Surf Designs,

but it will require a drive to Northern California.

just called north pacific designs. paul doesn’t have any to sell, not even enough for himself. nobody has any! i just need some planks. thanks everyone for your help.

PM sent.