Bamboo fabric help please?

Hi all

I’m in the middle of making a HWS with a student at school and he’s making an amazing job of it - I’ll post some pics soon.

He’s following a sustainability brief and is wanting to laminate the board with Entropy Epoxy and bamboo fabric.

We’ve tried EVEYWHERE we can think of - Greenlight, eco-board builders etc but cant get any bamboo cloth - can anyone help?

We need about 4 meters - based in Sydney Australia - hoping there my be some kind soul out there thats got a bit hanging round. We are prepared to pay.

Cheers - in hope - Rich

There is a company on the sunnjy coast called surfing green.

Check face book and google, for surfing green that is…

Im keen to know too.

Just talked to surfing green who are trying their hardest to help me out but their suppliers have stopped selling it so still searching.

You could use flax cloth as an alternative.

I saw a Australian shaper use it, so guessing it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a hold of.

This board is the bamboo/linen woven cloth … looks grey … though when the resin hits the cloth… looks natural.

Have also used 100% woven in the white from them… goes cloudy clear… found the woven heaps better than the 5% lycra that was being used in surfboards before… less cracking



C’mon man, if you’re going to go with a natural fiber use one that will really score some cultural appeal with the kids.  Hemp, nature’s strongest fiber.  The processing isn’t even as toxic/caustic as what they’re doing to get the bamboo into fabric form:

The stuff I bought from them is  a little different than this but I don’t see it listed on their site.  I can tell you that when it gets to the B-stage it’s way tougher to cut than a 6+6 fiberglass lam.  

Most linens have at least some cotton content.  These guys sell those, too, but the stuff I used was 100% hemp content.  60" widths @ $8 or $10/yd, I forget.  

hey rich have you spoken to dave at treehouseshapes in bulli. hes doing alot of eco epoxy stuff.


I’m pretty sure I mentioned when you first posted that pic, but I’ll say it again: that thing is freaking beautiful.

Thanks for the link. I was wondering where you got that stuff.


Kind of you to say.  I got the idea from Nocean.  He’s been doing linen patches for years.  I just scouted around for 100% hemp.  

The hemp plant has been dismissed for many years.  So many uses and easily “greener” than many if not most.

Hey Thirdshade

Bamboo fibreglass in no longer available but I’ve done a few boards with flax (linen) hemp, and basalt.

Flax is the best alternative in my opinion. 

Here’s a board I built for myself a few years ago from 100% flax fibers. I made graphic stencils to cover the deck lap since the flax fabric is not transparent like fiberglass and the lap line is pretty obvious

A question to all those who have used organic fibers: what happens if you sand into them a bit?  Do you get any fuzziness or other issues?  Perhaps the answers will vary depending on the fiber type.  I’m just curious.  If you’re not laying glass over it, there’s a good chance you’re gonna hit a little weave somewhere in the course of sanding.  What then?

I have not used flax/linen or hemp.  But plant fibers are pretty much cellulose, hemi-cellulose, and  lignin.

Sanding into them should be like sanding into a cotton inlay.  When I sanded into a laminated cotton inlay, I saw no fuzz – just removed some of the print.

I will let those who have used flax or hemp fabrics confirm or dismiss.