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Would someone out there in California please tell Quicksilver (or Dane Reynolds, if he is available) that I am not in need of a jacket at this time.

He is standing there wearing a jacket suggesting I buy one on nearly every forum-type website I go. The jackets look okay. I’m sure they’re warm. I just don’t need one right now. It’s cold right now but usually warms back up after a few days. So I’m good. Really.

Thanks …

It is now January 2014. If you aren’t using an ad blocker in your browser, you’re doing it wrong and need to get with the times.

do swaylocks a favor and click on the ad. if we all click on it, quiksilver’s spending limit may get reached and the ads will change. AND those extra couple pennies help this site earn a little bit of revenue.

complaining about the ads or running an ad blocker is like buying a pop-out. those grinding it out for the betterment of surfing get ripped off in the long run b/c of all you cheapo complainer types.

(i have no swaylocks affiliation whatsoever)



Running an ad blocker that works on any website is common sense. All the cool kids do it.

i see more wavestorms than hand shapes too


I have yet to see a single Wavestorm around here. Must be a West coast thing.