bar clamps

someone posted a sale on harbor freight a while ago.

Just thought I’d return the favor:

national wholesale tools has 30" bar clamps for $2.43.

I just got 12.


Is it over? Biggest I see are 24" and they are $4.62

Nm, bar clamps… was looking at the quick ratchet kind

here’s the link:

as far as the quick ratchet kind, they look handy, but someone on another thread (sorry I can’t remember who right now) basically said that you couldn’t really get enough pressure with them. I went with the old fashioned type.


While the bar clamps SuperFatPat references look good, I thought I should mention for others considering clamps to avoid the aluminum type. I didn’t! They are false economy. They are only meant for very light jobs. Over the years I have replaced all my aluminum with steel “I” beam or pipe. The “I” beams are nice since they will stay in place as you are setting up.

thanks SFP, I kept “borrowing” my father in laws.

Sweeten the deal. You can get a 5% discount by using code 7842 during checkout from the website. They have the disposable 3" paint brushes for about $.50 too. Good find for cheap clamps SFP!

Aloha all,

I have thirty- 36" inch clamps from this company…“You get what you pay for”

Problems I have with these cheap clamps:

  1. Cheap cast iron production, will break if dropped!

  2. Clamps slip when tightened, I use duct tape to stop the slipping (about 10 of my 30 slip)

  3. Some of the threads are stripped and will strip if turned to hard. “cheap cast iron production”

  4. The little round knob on the end of the handle will come off.

  5. not a good clamp if you need a squared glue up. the tips of the clamp don’t sit flush with each other. "cheap cast iron production.

Buy pipe clamps from your local hardware store (Lowe’s, HomeDepot etc). “pony brand” the orange type is my fav. Lot more room on the clamps to drill through and screw on hardwood ends.

Chat soon!

G’day mate’s,

               So thats what you guy's call them, 

                                                              we call them F clamps down here, 

Cheap is best when you get resin on them $2.50ea AU down here German one’s are $32.00+tax

                                        Cheaper the better  fuck up throw them 

Regards Rod


what folly or genious I’ve gotten myself into will become aparent in two weeks time. If half of the 12 clamps I ordered work, great. If not, I’ve learned a lesson. Thanks for all the responses.


Pony pipe clamps work great, I’ve got a couple of pairs. It’s easy to just buy the heads at Sears and get threaded pipe from a plumbing supply store. You can get any length pipe you want. I’ve got a pair of 26" clamps and a pair of 6’ ones for bigger projects. Just make sure you buy the right diameter pipe, the clamps come in different sizes (3/4" and 1").

The Pony pipe clamps ( made by Jorgensen ) are my second choice for heavy clamping, after the Jorgensen I-beam clamps. They are a regular yard sale score here, probably everyplace. Just make sure the threads and the teeth on the movable part of the clamp are okay, the pipe they are on doesn’t matter.

A friend who does commercial plumbing and especially gas line work is a big plus on this - they generally chuck the black iron old pipe and you can score it free in all kinds of lengths - better for the purpose than the galvanized pipe, by the way. The teeth in the movable part bite in better. Touch up the threads a bit and you’re good to go - I have one that’s 14 feet long that can suck old boats and tired post-and-beam joints back together.

hope that’s of use


First choice…Bessey K body clamps.

Very strong steel I-beam and jaw design that maintains prefectly parallel clamping. Flat backs so you set them on your workbench and your work stays as flat as the bench.

They’re very expensive, though. I have 4 of them - 2 84" and 2 40". I bought them for making doors (which can really get away from you if you’re not careful) but use them as much as I can. I’d love to replace all my other bar & pipe clamps with them…but that’s like lottery wishes. And since I’ve never bought a lottery ticket…not bloody likely. Still, if you can afford a few, hook 'em up.