Barnwood fish

Hi Swaylockers,

After a 4 year hiatus, moving from Hawaii, to CA, to NY, back to CA, then to Oregon I’ve finally had time and space to get back to shaping.  


I moved into a house in OR, which had a good pile of old bard wood in a new barn, thus I decided to put into good use…& firewood.


The board is Skip Frye inspired fish…I’ll post up some more as I go.


6’1” x 21” x 2.5”



Keep your eyes peeled for Myrtle, and salvaged old growth Redwood.   You may make a good score.

I ended up moving to Newport, OR to work as a Fisheries Observer with NOAA, meaning that i spend ~22 days a month at sea collecting scientific data on commercial fishing boats. Our program has reduced bycatch 75% in some fisheries, so it a good thing to be a part of.

I'm not sure what species, but given that I am in the North West, I would say it's probably Douglass fir...some of the older, dryer pieces are pretty light, and other ones not so much. She’ll probably push 10-13 lbs when she’s done, but cant complain since the wood was FREE DOLLARS! There’s also a lot of driftwood on the beach up here, I am going to look into the logistics of milling some for a longboard.


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Man them boards are so barny I can smell the cow poop on them from here !!! To bad you are in Oregon, it was a great place to grow up in but I am sure glad that I left !!!


Do you know which species of wood it is?

welcome back Austin

hope your are doing well…

last ime I saw you many moons ago







Looks great!  Where in Oregon are you? 

Bye the way, use photobucket to upload pics.

Much easier and it’s free.

welcome back Rhino… I was just thinking the other day about that little Roy style Single you made.

Hope you’re doing well… Now we need Josh back.


Wow! That looks so cool and it’s so resourceful. Can’t wait to see more pics as you go. Did you use the barnwood for the chambered parts too?

Welcome back.  

not digging new pohoto upload protocall…


Will do! I've been looking for some redwood…supposedly the lumber yard by my house trashed a pallet of redwood because it got moldy & I just missed it!

Here are some more photos… going to glass with 4oz, Resin research when I get back from CA in a month…


I glassed with 4oz cloth & resin research epoxy.

Ive been fortunate enough to have already caught around 100 waves on her. Despite the weight (~12lbs) she paddles well and is pretty fast. its ability to turn is pretty similar to the Skip Frye and Gepheart keels I modeled the board after...just need to put a little more power into the turns, but they follow through amazingly. 

Hey rhino the wood fish looks great, some good old chambered work there. Hey I’m pretty sure I follow you on Instagram… Austin Williams ?? Lol. I recognized your #woodensurfboard I’m on imstGram as frumpin_chuck haha I believe we’ve chatted before. 

i recal we spoke about building parallel profile Roy Kits 

Ha, Cool. yup, thats me!