Basting laps

I’ve done a red opaque lam with cut laps. How can I clean up the lap on the bottom? Can I “baste” it with opaque lam resin or would that stick out worse than the lap. The lap is a little lighter in color where it’s frayed from the cut. BTW, I’m not going to color the hotcoat. Thank you very much!

do you mean the lap from the bottom layer, laying against the foam on the deck? or both deck and bottom with the opaque lam?

The whole board is a solid color. I’m talking about the lap from the deck to bottom glass.

you can baste a thin layer of lam resin on the lap. then buzz it off with an angle grinder,or if no grinder, use a small surform and shave the high spots down. it tends to shave pretty smooth. i like using it. get it close, but not too close. gauging the lam will look pretty shitty. just do a thick hotcoat and don’t skimp on the sanding. hopefully you will do a gloss. good luck