young guy who likes to make good boards , fair prices too .


good glassing ( ron maize )


cant go wrong


…the design is the rocket. Yes, that design works pretty good. I have been building them in the 5 10 -6 range with lot of foam and with less foam with diamond tails and with round pins, but all quads and 5 inserts too.

-I think the shaper is the machine…


I’m just wondering if fukugly is Raynorsurf because both profiles were created on sways 5 minutes apart from each other and this thread seems to have a few inconsistencies? 

Like if you don’t know anything about him how do you know he goes by the name of ‘Matty’? 

On your facebook page (why would you search facebook before a web search for a product? could happen I guess) there are some pictures of boards up againt the same wall as the photo up top which leads one to believe it was taken at the same place?  Weird? did you get the picture of your new board off facebook? Weird?  

Your first post you say ‘you just got it home’ and it goes ‘sick’, did you surf it on the way home from the surf shop?

Surf shop could tell you a team rider didn’t pick up a board but knew nothing about a local shaper in your area who they were selling the board for?  Strange?

I just found this thread a bit weird, if you joined sways and immediately created a troll…hmm…good for you?

Welcome to sways fukugly-raynorsurf!!  It’s a fun forum, enjoy!!

‘No legacy is so rich as honesty’

                      <span class="Red">William Shakespeare</span>

P.S don’t worry about Reverb he just thinks the title ‘Shaper’ is unfairly given to someone who dusts off the router marks from the cutting house and then gives it to the glass shop.


I’m sure your a good bloke fukugly-raynorsurf.

Boards look good!..not fukugly!



people here are not stupid.

Nor are they going to buy your boards, most likely. Sway is “build it yourself” land.

Hits on a web page are one thing, purchases another.


     Howzit Keith, Good one, Sways discussion forums are not boards for selling things, that's what the surf shop is for. Aloha,Kokua

Me’s the REAL “Matty” and it’s been that way since 1965!

And me is my own machine!