becker surfboards

just wondering if anyone has ridden becker surfboards and what they thought of them particularly the longboards. a friend has recommended them and i was wondering what other people thought


I,ve never riden one, but have seen those boards at the Becker shop in Malibu. Nice boards. In fact I have based a few of my own boards after their outlines and rocker templates. I think your friend has pointed you in the right direction. Good luck! -Matt

Becker = really clean lines in my opinion. Mike

about 15 years ago I had a beautiful 9 foot Becker.It had a concave under the nose with a outline around the perimeter in a 1/4 inch black stripe,they called it peached.I wish I still had it,it was a wonerful board.

I have three and all work great. I’m 6’1 205lbs

10 UF0 18 23 15 3 1/8 19lbs 2+1 good all around board. Padles well, turns well, okay on the nose.

10"6 SanO 19 23-3/4 15-1/2 3-1/5 50/50 rails reverse t-band Double 10 Volan + knee patch 29 lbs Pros --Padles excellent, catches anything, camp on the nose, great summer cruiser. Cons – accelerates too slow in fast pitching waves, too much foam to get out on big days, better have your turn mechanics down.

10’2 Custom 18 23-1/2 3-1/4 Basic template started as a UFO, had Phil softened the rails 60/40 midship, rolled to V, hard in the tail, rounded pin. Triple Stick, double volan, 25 lbs. This board is fast and turns on dime (actually better than the 10’0).

I think Beckers are a great value for the money. All have held up well, no issues with delaminating, probably attributed to the denser blanks and heavier glass jobs. I recommend a shaping appointment with Phil. Great listener, nice guy and nothing beats watching your new toy come to life. Never understood why he doesn’t get more press.

Good luck!


No more lurking… I just gotta chime in on this one.

Phil Becker catches crap here and there about being nothing but a “production shaper”… as if that’s some sort of terrible thing. The boards, much like the man himself, aren’t trendy, aren’t flashy, aren’t sexy and new… but like the man, they work. The guy is a shaping machine, pure and simple. He mows foam. My first job in the surf industry was working for Phil and I’m not sure that he isn’t some sort of mechanism. You can set your watch by him.

If you buy one of his boards and it says Becker on the stringer then he shaped it… no stencils at the Becker factory. If you can, order a custom and watch the guy shape… just stay out of his way. When I first went to work for them I ordered a board and watched Phil shape, I’d made a few boards by then and was really into numbers at the time. I told him what I was after and he threw a blank on in his glorified hallway of a shaping room taped out length and width and went over to his templates on the wall. (Keep in mind that this man started shaping surfboards in 1958… the sheer accumulated knowledge in that rack of templates in staggering… what I’d give just to trace all those suckers…) He throws the template down, cuts the outline and before I can get a good look he pulls out this gigantic texas chainsaw massacre rockwell planer and just starts moving, FAST. Scary fast.

When the dust settled he was spot on with every single measurement I’d asked for, all by feel and doing things with large power tools I’m still trying to wrap my head around years and years later. The only bad board I ever got from him was that one where I gave him all those numbers… like any good shaper you just gotta trust 'em.

According to the guys at the shop, Phil is slowing down his work load… get your order in. There’s never going to be another guy like him.

I have had several Becker’s over the years. Speed Shape, Hybrid, Longboard and currently a 9’ 0" Geoff Moysa longboard. All the boards worked well for me and held up well. I had Phil custom shape the Moysa with more V and less rail volume than stock. I didn’t watch him shape it, didn’t quantify what a “little” more or less was, just ordered it that way. The board came out great. Turns like a performance long board and noserides better than some longer boards I have.

I think Becker doesn’t get more publicity for a couple reasons. He doesn’t do interviews with the media. And he doesn’t seem too caught up in the retro/alternative thing.

Another shaper once told me “We all shape a dog now and then”.

Becker has probably shaped more boards than anybody else. What are your chances of getting a dog from him?