Been too gone for too long...

Hi everyone!  


This is where my inflated sense of self-importance assumes that anyone noticed my absence, and that anyone cared.  Please leave me with my illusions.  Ha!   It’s been a long and tumultuous year for me, one which found me living in an apartment for much of the time without any space (or even motivation) to work on surfboards.  But 2011 is looking up for me.  I’m in a new and improved house with a new and improved wife, and I’m ready to get going again.   The project coffers are empty, however, so I’m putting a board (maybe two) on the sways market.  Hopefully lots of new mad scientist stuff to come soon!


hey jarod we had our diferences/?   but i missed ya   good luck in the new venture



              cheers huie

check your PM’s Jarrod

Good one

Welcome back!

Can’t wait to see more creations from your new and improved lab.


One of the greatest garage craftsmen!  I noticed you absence.  I kind of miss Benny, Paul, Yoshio,…a lot of the compsand guys have kind of disappeared…

Wonder how Yoshio is?


Can’t wait to see what you’re going to build.  Why not do a build thread?  Those have been in kind of short supply lately.

i miss Benny too… i talked with him briefly a few months back but other than that, haven’t really heard from him in a couple years…

i completely forgot about Yoshio… i wonder how he’s doing too…

Welcome back.

A Swaylock's friend of mine left his vac pump at my place. I never got into the whole compsand thing....

With the pump handy and a few boards with veneers......:)

Well........anything is possible.....Ray


Got a 10 footer i have some great ideas for graphics-wise…it has been hotcoated for over a year…

Hopefully in the next 6 mos or so i’ll get round to it…

Welcome back!


Shwuz, good to hear from you, I too have been wondering where, and how, you have been.


Your rail-banding tool came up recently in a thread…


You still in contact/collaborating with our mutual friend Jeff?

all right ... welcome back Shwuz!

soooo,,, is she a Stepford?

oh yeah, me and jeff are still tight. He’s going to be best man at my wedding, in fact. Thanks again, best referral ever. I’ll have to see if I can find that thread about the rail tool.

and ken, since you asked… And since I love to brag on her… total trophy wife. Two years older than me, looks ten younger. Mensa member former bikini model. It was a long year, but life is GOOD now.

Glad to hear that life is good!