Beginner - Help Please !


I am in the process of starting a project ( wooden surfboard ), but first I am trying to fully understand every technical feature of a surfboard.

And the thing is, even though I did a search on the internet, I still don´t understand the meanings of “tucked rails” and “beveled rails”.

Could you please clarify these terms for me ?

Since english is not my native tongue, I would really appreciate if you could post a simple drawing as an example.

Thanks in advance and congratulations on the wonderful forum you have developed.



Firstly fill out your profile, we all like to know who were talking with… Second use the archives and search search search, everything you need is in there.

not a direct answer, but here are some good resources for your project:

Hey Dan

if you do search the archives, a good initial search would be for a resource called “surfboard design and construction” so type that into the search bar and you’ll find a link to a pdf version of it.

Where are you and what experience in boards do you have?

Like Tommo says, fill in the profile, its nice to have an idea of who you’re talking to.


Hi Stephen,

I followed the signing process as well as I could and I didn’t realize I was supposed to fill my profile. But …

Honestly (and sadly) I was expecting a first reply a little more gently than yours ( “firstly… and secondly” ). My answer to you is, firstly, be polite and gently with people you dont know.

Being an experienced windsurfer I took part of several forums and I always tried to help beginners. Sometimes easy terms for you are not for others.

On the other hand Stephen, let me add that english is not my native tongue (as you may noticed), so understanding technical words is not “piece of cake” for me. So in spite of the fact I tried the “search tool” and “google”, I was still in doubt what “beveled rails” stood for. I haven’t been able to find a good and self-explaining picture of a “beveled rail”.

Now, thanks to the other gentlemen here, I know what it is.

To the others, thanks again for your help.

Howzit danibel, First off, welcome to Swaylocks. The responses you received are not intended to be rude or offensive, these are the same answers that are given many times here. The fact of the matter is we get the same questions over and over and asking you to look in the resources is S.O.P… We have moderators that keep an eye on the posts to make sure we keep things down to a small roar. Our resources archives are full of information that is very informative and valuable and have all the info you should need. You should have been here for the Roy days when things would really get hot and rude. Once again welcome to our community and hopefully we can make you a better board builder.Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua

thanks for your words. I know this source is wonderful, that’s why I decided to join the community.

I know what you mean about answering 100 times the same thing, but sometimes this happens especially with beginners.

Again I sincerely appreciate every single advice Ive been given. The first one was the only one I didnt like.

The other guys said the same, but I think they used a different way …

And by no means you would ever read sth rude coming from me.

Regards and thanks for your welcome.

Hey Daniel,

I’m in the process of building my first board. You’ve come to the right place. While I’m no expert, I’ve done quite a bit of research for my project. Here are some of the threads that have been really helpful for me:

How to get clean lines thread:;

Journey of a quad (very informative and inspirational threads):;

The quintessential Barnfield rail bands thread:;

Also check out this website:

An older but good book: Essential Surfing by George Orbelian

I’ve found that the Swaylock’s community helps best when asked a very specific question.

Hope this helps.




I am a newbie too and made the same mistake of not realising how to fill in my profile. This thread made me go back and check what went wrong with my registeration process…now i have added some more detail.

Welcome to swaylocks ! I found a great place to start getting construction advice and the positive spirit of this site is the thread on “journey of a quad”. There is a great little movie called “making noelani” on the you tube site as well of this particular board being built. I think there are links to this within the thread.

Good luck

S.O.P. is standard operating procedure

beveled and/or tucked rails are kind of esoteric or difficult to describe, best described by a picture.

Better yet, best described by talking in the parking lot with other surfers showing those

features with their boards in hand.

Wooden board as a first?

Viel Gluck

Lastly I cant think of anyone 18 or over worth his salt

who doesnt know what a tucked under rails is.

Maybe the surf parking lot is an overlooked resource for you.

Hey Danibel

Sorry if you found my post offensive, it certainly wasnt meant that way. anyone who attempts building surfboards should be given all the help and encouragement going, as i myself have been given… all i was trying to do was encourage you to search the archives fully as my response was one i had many times when starting out.

Keep up the good work and try not to get to easily offended lifes to short…



You know written words are sometimes an issue … It`s very easy to misunderstand the attitude behind it …

And as you said probably I got too easily offended here :slight_smile:

Thanks 4 your last post


Ask someone here for a link to the online builders reference archive I made them

it’s a good start to a bunch of websites and sways articles.

I’d send you a mini-CD but I think english might be an issue from what you are saying here…

at one time everyone here was a beginner with alot of questions

people forget that sometimes…

best of luck

Hey Daniel,

Hope this helps… I drew it really quickly, so it isn’t great, but hopefully it will get the idea across. Also, this is my understanding of the terms (which may be flawed). You’ll find that for a specific design term, there can be many interpretations…

The 50/50 and 60/40 are just approximate percentages of rail above and below the apex (outermost point) of the rail, and someone’s ‘50/50’ may be another’s ‘60/40’.

A tucked edge/tucked rail is a soft rail that ends abruptly or is cut off by the board’s bottom, leaving an edge that looks ‘tucked under’, as opposed to sticking out. A beveled rail has a ‘facet’ to bridge the bottom with the rail edge.

Todavia puedo hablar un poquito de Espanol (el vocabulario me falla constantemente ahora en dia), si quieres…


Hi Max !

That is exactly what I was looking for !!!

Thanks a LOT !!!

Muchas Gracias por tu ayuda !

Now we are talking about the rail edges.

From what I understood about these types,

I believe that the tucked under edge makes the board loser on the rail (releases the water easier (stall) ) or am I wrong?

And releases the water good when it flows of when you surf the other rail (which lowers the drag because the water flows of straight and does not bend around the rail).

But I don’t really understand the advantage of the beveled edge. What I think is:

It makes an easier entrance of the water under the board (so makes only sense in the forward half) what makes the board more forgiving? And keeps the release of the rail (when water flows off when you carve the other rail?)

where am I wrong? or am I fully correct :)?

The links I used for my mini-CD project:

Feel free to visit and study up…

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