begles' beach

somewhere near bordeaux, france, at begles’ beach…

tres bien , merci !!

Nice resin work. I like the blue short board.

…and are the black and the yellow short boards single fins ?

…do you have any other shots of each of those two boards , please ?

salut !


the black is a 7 footer something tri fin bonzer old style. The yellow and red one is a 6’6 five fin modern bonzer. More pics to come as soon as they are done and ready to go.

cheers mate

…thanks mate , I’d LOVE to see closeups of the bonzers , especially the fins ! [did / will you make the runners and fins yourself ? …glassons , or lokboxed ? ]

cheers ! ben

i’m not the shaper actually, just the glasser. But yeah, kim kamikaze makes his fins himself, eighter glass on or texalium with vaccum bag tecnics. They should be on next week and i’ll send pics ASAP.


A friend of mine bought the Takayama replica with the “tiger stripes” resin job. It is truly a beauty. The picture doesn’t do justice to it.

but what’s really matter: is the board works? if yes! so it’s a plus if the board is pretty…

I know, but unfortunately I only had the opportunity to appreciate the fine craftmanship as I didn’t get to try the board yet.

bonzer’s fins