Belly boards with a Greenough inspired edge bottom.

The flex tail (which was actually a 6" model) was given to me by Dale unexpectedly. He said I was because I spent so much time listening to him on the phone. John repaired some a boken fin and put it in a nice display box.  I dontated it to the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center in San Clemente.  It’s supposed to be in the Greenough display.

Gday Adam, I saw photos of your board posted posted on the Paipo & Bellyboard Riders FP page. Good to hear you are enjoying it. Are you at the northern or southern end of the coast? I was getting up the Sunny Coast when there were border restrictions, but have reverted to my haunts down south. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

These look epic. What FCS II fins template do you recommend? I have a mini simmons with a wide tail like this and I can’t find any good templates for FCS.