Belly boards with a Greenough inspired edge bottom.

Early stages

There was a considerable time between all of the stages. Moving houses and life, as well as a few other boards. The edges meant developing a few interesting techniques.


The triple stringer edge junction made life interesting.

My wife killed it with awesome artwork.

The black and yellow one sold at a charity auction for 700 bucks.

More than a year after the boards were finished I finally took the pink one out in mother’s day.

The edges on the pink and blue one were not as sharp as it was the first one I shaped and I just wasn’t as good at making it as sharp. But it flew when I used it. I had some magic rides on a long fast point break. Cough cough (noosa). At 47, I have not used a belly board since I was about 13, but this thing was very different to a boogie boards. No flex, heaps of lift and it has fins. Worked out a technique with the outside hand on the nose, then dragging the Inside arm in the wall to get awesome little fast tube rides. You could stall.with the inside arm and then release to go fast. 

As with all of my threads ask heaps more questions, I’ll answer.



Very nice!

Wide point?

Width at tail?

Wide Point 29.5" from tail

About 2" from tail the width is the smidge under 15"

Interesting. I am collaborating on a paipo project with lots of lift. Trying to get my ducks in a row and find time to start on it. Appreciate hou sharing this. Looks awesome!

Fully happy to share everything with you. Will show you my shaping sanding jigs. But this thing was designed to be all about lift. Initially for my dad and a mate who had spinal fusion in his lumber region. One wave on its first run I got kinda caught in the lip as I was getting used to it. Free fell down to the trough, thought I would bog and nose dive butnit popped straight up and took off again. Kept riding wave for another 150 m.

The point it tea tree at noosa. 300m rides from start to finish. Mothers day morning, almost the least crowded I had ever seen it.



Excellent work as usual Adam. I wish you were closer, they look like a heap o’ fun.  



Yes Great Stuff Adam.   Nice lines.  Great art from the better half.

I would be very interested in seeing the sanding jig, etc.  would also like to see these boards in action.

Thanks Mcding.

Yes she always does a way better job Ryan me when she cuts loose on a blank. 

She’s a keeper.

Hopefully I can get a bit of footage of me on the pink one. As the yellow and black one sold at auction I don’t know if I can track down the owner and see how they have been going with it. 

Be good to know considering the far sharper edge we managed to get on the junction between the cave and the belly concave.


Anyone have pics of a Dale Solomonson “tri-plane hull?”

He and a friend used to fly on those things…  So “different” and advanced…"  They still look like surfcraft from another realm.

Took this weapon out this morning sans flippers. So I was able to belly board some waves and stand up and slash a few others.

Best of both worlds. Can’t wait to try it with fins that have a bit more area. These have been epic riding prone but super slidey standing up. Bit of a weird feeling getting to your feet on a 4’ 5.5" board but the potential is all there.

Been meaning to post this for days, tried to don’t like three times and ended up losing it only half entered.

You can see the curved sanding block. And where I have my finger nail against it that acted as a guid by sliding along the foam.

Then you can see the fin options i am gunna try next surf as standing up on itnwith the handle fins is super slidy bur super fun.

Not sure why but I keep imagining that basic shape only turned around and some nose mods added… something about the rocker, outline curves and edge treatment seem like a natural fit for the aft part of a futuristic bellyboard.

Hi Taylor - I have a few images that are Dale related.  I have some of you and your boards too.