Bellyboard Help *PIC*

I found this bellyboard yesterday in a pile of garbage. The dimensions are 4’ x 17" x 19" x 17" x 2" with a 9" rounded square tail. Its glassed in volan with a 5" black glassed-on fin. The bottom and rails are opaque teal color with an abstract paisley flower inlay on the deck. The logo reads, “Jack’s bellyboards, Huntington Beach, completely custom.” The board weighs about 12 lbs. give or take a few. There’s only one ding which is on the nose and a few scratches on the rails from probably hitting some rocks. I took it out today in waist high waves and had a blast with. There is also no leash loop or plug on it. I was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about Jack’s Bellyboards or any other info you might have about these type of bellyboards. Thanks, Mike P.S. I went to and found this picture which looks a lot like the one I have.

Mike, given the description of the paisley inlay I would guess the era of manufacture to be late 60’s, maybe very early 1970’s. What makes this of great interest is that Dale Velzy shaped a lot of Jack’s bellyboards at that time, which if applicable would make your garbage can find a collector item. Regardless, it would be great if you got some photos of it and could post them in the archives.

They musta made alot of them- I’ve seen quite a few. Re: the Velzy connection- I have a Jack’s Featherweight from 1967 and I’ve been told repeatedly that it is a Velzy shape- similar to a Nuuhiwa Lightweight,the board rides wonderfully

There is a Jack’s Bellyboard on ebay now-item#2716777835- where are you mike? its always fun to see where these things ended up.

I am located up in San Francisco but I’m not Mr. Swaylock.