benett / texcell(sp?) any feedback?

recently moved to brazil and these are the recommended brands here. anyone had experience with them? good, and bad especially would be helpful. nothing like ordering from clark, thats for sure…


Hey Rob!

I think both have similar characteristics in relation to the foam quality. They have basicaly three different densities and the choice will rest on the price. Particularly, I’ve been using Bennett for a long time, and I can say it is very thrustable. Its chemistry is very stable, UV resistant, and don’t delaminate easily.

Nice to meet you last saturday. But we forgot to take a picture of us to send to swaylocks. We have to take one next time. Take care!

…teccel: have got the same formula and molds Surfblanks Aust.

they ve got anhiline to obtain a “polar kind of white”

…Bennett: same Bennett Aust. but the Brazilian owner screw up the things (he dont pay nothin)with the Aussies so the chemistry now is worst…also the stringers are crap…

I don’t know about this aussiexbrazilian afair, but today, Bennett is using a German based technology chemical, the same BMW and Volkswagen uses. It’s called Hydroflex and they give Bennett foam all the technical support.

thanks for the input. i ended up ordering 10 various blanks from bennett, mostly due to rocker/outlines etc.

will post as the get done…

btw … estava surfando a barra da lagoa em sadabo,muito boa, mas solmente 1/2m. e voce?

Hey Rob!

Good choice! You can download the blank profiles at Bennett homepage.

Saturday, I surfed in Santinho’s beach, and got some good barrels there. Sunday, It was too small at Ingleses’ beach. Today, all the east coast breaks are pumping with a soft offshore. Finally, the water is getting warmer. See you!