Bennett Blanks Comming soon to US East Coast

In lieu of the Clark foam dilemma, The Surf Source, Atlantic Beach FL, has partnered with SpeeedFins of Australia to secure monthly containers of Australian made, Bennett Foam blanks to arrive early March 06’, just in time for seasonal demand. The 40 foot container will hold about 900 blanks mostly ranging in the 6 to 8 foot range. Please visit for updates on these shipments.

To keep up with the the sudden demand for Epoxy resin, we have also doubled our formulating capacity for UV Stable, Epoxy Resin stock. We are anticipating many board builders to switch to EPS / Epoxy Construction until the P/U blank supply is re-established this spring.

I saw the bennet blanks last week ,i thought they felt a little heavier than clarks ,but they looked pretty good.I’ve also seen the "home blown " blanks from? i forgot.The shaper did’nt like it