Bert Burger interview

Bert interviewed on down the line.  Hopefully this link will work.  The interview is pretty light on design and construction but interesting to hear Bert none the less.   He started many of us down a new track with board design and construction.


If the link doesn't work look under podcasts on down the line surf talk radio.

Talked to Bert last week.  Nice to hear he’s finally really back in the game.  So much talent and creativity.

Sunova is kickng off a commercial distribution effort in Southern Ca.  A shop in San Diego last weekend had an outdoor display, test ride offering in front, quickly stopped to see the beauties, every one a light weight wall hanging. The build was out of this world, the gloss was like a Mercedes paint job. What resin or gloss material is being used??  South Coast WindnSea, OB and PB in San Diego.