Best Adhesive For EVA foam to Poly Resin

So I’m toying around with some custom track-pad ideas just for fun.  What is the best adhesive for fixing closed cell EVA foam to a polyester resin board?


I’ve looked at some factory pads and they use 3m PSA adhesive but I don’t know which type to buy/ whether to buy the spray or premade sheets?  Any help?

Contact cement works,2 sided carpet tape works and its removable, I've been using the already applied psa material also, its nonremovable. Where did you find the EVA sheet material? Thanks

3M “Super 77” spray adhesive.  I did a “pendo” style board a couple of years ago.  77 works great.   EVA, if you do a search there are tons of suppliers.  I found 24" x 24" x 1/2"  foam in various colors (I used grey…no black).  It’s the stuff they use for playrooms with the puzzle edges but you can cut that out.  It shapes easily with a grinder but takes a bit of practice.

Ha that’s right, I actually bought a block of EVA from a playroom supplier and cut it down. 


I’m going to give the Super 77 a shot, thanks!

I’ve been making my own pads for 20 years.  I use contact adhesive that’s used for sticking flooring down.  The brand I use is Selleys Quikgrip, but you might not get it in your country.  I use the gel formulation because even closed cell EVA absorbs more liquid glues and so needs a second coat.  If glue is absorbed by the foam you don’t get full contact with the glue on the board.

I’ve found that superglues get absorbed.  Although they stick initially, let go after a few surfs (same with absorbed runny glues).  I haven’t had success with spray on glues, but I may be doing it wrong.

Some tips:

Use a bull-nose bit in a router to tear up the surface if that’s the effect you want
If using thicker material, use sander to get the edges low (on or off the board - your preference)
Draw the outline of the foam pads on the board and apply glue. I’ve found a serrated table knife (from the Salvos) works well to keep glue in the lines.
Get enough glue on the edges of the pad - this is where they always start to lift. You can remove extra later by picking at it during lulls (like I do) or with alcohol/spirits
Be aware that the EVA often expands when it has glue on it, so you have to compress it a bit to fit within the glue patch on the board.  If you just start to lay them on the board at one end you may find that there’s no glue on the board at the other end of the pads.
Use an edge roller to get the pads down.  Lay the board over your thighs when you do this.  The number of damaged boards I’ve seen from padding, stones, sticks pushing ino the bottom deck when someone presses the pads down…
Don’t ever plan on removing them - it takes me longer than the actual repair!