Best blank for a 9'6" old school

Best blank for a 9’6" old school Looking at building a 9’6" “old school” style board – fairly thick soft rails (15.5 22 16). I do not have a lot of experience with Clark blanks in this size range. Looking for the best alternative. I plan to have it built with custom stringers, so a limited volume solution will work. Would like to hear Jim Philip’s opinion on this. Thanks Shine

hey Shine, been shaping lately? how’s the beach fight going?

Well, I am getting back in the saddle, was pretty busy over the early part of the year. I’ve got a beautiful 8’3" sailboard up on the rack right now – will start the glass tomorrow after a visit to the Surfsource. As for the beach access battle, its and ongoing fight – I plan to do some shaping, take a windsurfing trip to Hood River and be all settled in by August when the Tropical Storm Season starts pumping swell. You know the saying – all work and no play … :wink:

shine…its josh. fg brother!!! gimme a call and i want to check out some of your stuff. im doing work at the beach for a couple guys doing hc’s fins and sanding. call me

9’9" super green, it’s got kick in the tail, and it’s used by many 9’6" log makers.