Best board repair in Sydney area????

I just blew apart two of the fin boxes on a near new Hynson Quad fin with red resin tint (surfed 4 times). Are there any recommended board repairers in the Sydney area for this type of work? The other issue to over come is that it has Lok Box fin boxes that no one seems to have heard of in Australia. I’d like to get the board back to as close to new as possible.

The only positive is that I caught a couple of amazing waves at Cloudbreak before smashing the fins on the back of my head. Thanks for the advice!

hey i have two repairers working out of my shop in Bondi one of them reckons he has some lok boxes here are his details “the ding doctor” 0405 059 134, he is good on polish jobs too so the finish will be pretty good. If you hit a dead end there give me a call Six Ounce Boardstore 93008339,


I’ll give him a ring. Cheers mate!

Another option if you need one is Surfecttion - Manly boardriders store.

I took a near new MR Supertwin there that was dinged up by a kook in Manly.

Came back like new.


Sorry to bump this up, but Shane Steadman who does some board repairs for quiksilver/surfection stores is a good one to approach. He is in Sydenam rd at Brookvale on the corner of the round a bout