!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best garager in the World !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goes to Burt Munro…The World’s Fastest Indian.

You NZs should be proud of his accomplishments.


Without doubt Herb…!!

Still holds world records…

Could make anything from nothing…

Bert Munro is definitely one of my heroes.

There’s a movie about him now…

…also Ken Warby, total garage style and his record

is still untouched.

True greatness!

Yep, that movie was inspirational…

I thought it was fiction til I read that Burt’s records still stand, or were only very recently knocked over.

Funny thing is, I have wanted a 1928 Indian Scout for a while before seeing that movie.

All but a few of the Kiwi’s I have met have been eccentrically creative.


Hey Herb

Inspirational man and a great feel good flick.

Someone for all of us McGyvers to look up to.



There’s a movie ? Really ?

I read a article in a speed mag.The article refered to Burt’s records set in the 50s-60s.

I also looked him up on the net and got a wealth of info…

I’ll definitely checkout the movie…it’s now a must see.


yup good movie too.Worlds fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins, worth a watch most definitely.

As fro kiwi’s being eccentrically creative, who would sail to the other side of the globe if they weren’t at least a little eccentric?

totally cool m story and well done movie.

Howzit Herb, Great movie, loved every minute of it.Aloha,Kokua

Got the movie and watched it today…very well done…even brought tears to my eyes from time to time.

What a pioneer…and against all odds at that !


Howzit Herb, Yes it was a great movie and the part where he’s cutting the tires is classic. Also when he puts the nitroglycerin in the tank is funny.Aloha,Kokua

I dunno about the best but this guy caught my attention recently. From his own account, he sketched the boat design one night on his kitchen table. He found and bought the jet engine for $60 at a military surplus. Then proceeded to build the thing in his garage and broke the speed record in 1978 which still stands today. Some of the guys that have tried to break the record died while trying. Evidently, the chances of surviving a 300MPH+ blast on the water are not very good. This guy is either brilliant, lucky or both.


I would also mention in terms of similarity to surfboards, Bert Rutan gets the knod as best garager. In fact, he stated being initially inspired by the strength to weight of surfboards. Obviously he has taken things to a much higher level now…no pun intended.

i agree… that movie was awesome…

Great movie, Herb. Surprised you have not seen it until now.

My vote goes to a next door neighbor from about 15 years ago. He is the most talented M…fer I ever knew. He could build a house, poor concrete. rebuild a Porche engine, rebuild the whole Porche, body work, mechanics,all in his garage. All of it was excellent, no slop. For a living he took pictures of tools and nuts and bolts for catalogs. Sound mundane, but when you saw the photos it was art. The guy was only about 25 years old at the time. I don’t know where he found the time to learn all this stuff, go to college, etc. About the only thing he could not do is drink tequilla or beat me at tennis, he he he… Mike

Actually I was looking for info on Jessie Owens and the Great Jim Thorpe,for my older daughter and saw the title,“The World’s Fastest Indian” .

Thanks to all who jumped in on this one.

I think every tinkerer/garager should make this there manditory view !!!..Made me… feel proud !.. Would love to read Burt’s biography, if there’s one written.

What a Great movie !


I went to see the movie alone, wife and kids chose not to come. Raved about it, and next Christmas I got it on DVD. Great story, I’ve watched it many times. Also interesting, on the DVD, are the commentary made by all who participated, including original shots of Burt himself.

And yes, it’s real!

There have been several books about Burt, I have one, with which I’m not completely satisfied, but still a good read. As a wrenchbender (besides making the odd board for the last 40 years) I’d like to see more about the technical challenges overcome in taking that old Indian from a top speed around 50, to 200 mph. The book provides a little of that.

Thanks Charlie,

Will head out to the library today,and look.

Man ! It reminds me of my old Bell/Maywood, California, days as a kid.

Hangin’ around Roth’s garage, bummin’ stickers from the Bell Helmets shop, down the street from my house.(and during this time, Burt was at the flats setting records,WOW !)


Read the book, it’s even better!

I think its called “One Good Run”, completely inspirational


I will looking for it and looking forward to reading it,Thank you !