Best Groveler board style : retro fish? potato? bottom feeder?

While not a shaper, I do know what works, although not so much in this area…  I have a 40L Rusty Dwart and it is a keeper… eps version, I surf as a quad and have had for 3 years with over 100 session on it.  What I am looking for is even more of a shortboard for the gutless stuff.  Sweet Potato, Bottom Feeder, or just go for a poly retro quad?   My Dwart is 6’0"x21.5"x2.825"

thanks for any recommendations including dims.



Made this for James in NYC.

6’4" x 21.5" x 2.75"

MacArthur. A med. rockered board. Thin rails.

This is my Cash model.

Little wider.

Little flatter.