Best Way To Strip Fibreglass Off A Board

This time it’s stuck on like a blue ass fly on pile of fresh horse turd. Best, most effective way of removal? Flamethrower? Nuke it? Router? Sander? Any tips for making it go away faster is much appreciated.

 Now damning your own good glassing skills huh ?

For boards where the resin isnt too absorbed into the foam its just a matter of attacking it with a box cutter and ripping off the strips but  Ive done that and ripped the top 10 mm and more off because the resin has soaked in heaps. And irregularly.

  How olds the glass and what technique have you employed so far ?


Get your sander out, put 60 grit on it, sand it down until it's thin and then just pull it off like sunburned skin.  Heat it up real good when sanding....that should be so hard for you...right?

All other ways are going to pull chunks of foam off.


why not just start over?  But then again you are very criptic in your posts.  ie...what's the best way to glass, or how do you sand a board....or what is a better tail, pin or squash.


So tell us...what the hell happened that would make you want to pull glass off a surfboard.

speaking of stripping glass, a customer brought me a 12’6" Rusty recently, he wanted it stripped and restringered. I used #40 to sand along the center of the rail until foam just started to show, this way it would clam shell apart when peeled. I only lost a very small amount of foam in the tips of the nose and tail

I've had good luck with Jim the G's method. Used a putty knife to coax it along. Got a nice body board out of a snapped ten footer.

One way...sand down to the weave and peel it off slowly..........razor cuts along the rail apex and nose and tail helps........dont start "ripping into it" because of frustration.....its a slow process

I read here awhile back about using a router to cut shallow slots (barely through the glass) every 6" or so down the length of the board before peeling.  Combined with zippered rail via grinder and you'll maximize the usable foam.  The worst foam damage I've had occurred while peeling the glass from the apex of the rail past the rail crown... it's an easy place to pull out chunks.

That would work pretty good John......blunt the router bit quick, but would be accurate and worth the trouble I reckon......

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