Beyond salvation?

I had a go at glassing my first board yesterday, but it was very hot and I used a little too much catalyst so my resin gelled before I could properly saturate the laps and wrap them.

As I had set up for cut laps I made up another smaller batch of resin and put a tiny amount of cat in it flipped the board and wet out the laps the best I could that way.

Talk about a botch job. Main issues are resin ran down to the bottom of the board leaving drips, patches of the lap aren’t fully adhered to the blank etc.

I’ve sanded down the resin drips on the bottom and am sanding the laps too, where the runs left high spots.

Is it worth proceeding to try and finish? I figure it’s wrecked now so might as well practice laying up the deck and routing the fin box.


Any tips, suggestions, comments greatfully received :slight_smile:

You can salvage it, but not without some cosmetic issues.  If you’ve wetted out any dry cloth, proceed to hot coat and sand down the mistakes.  Just get it all smooth as possible and handle the problem areas as you would a repair (filler, cloth, etc).    UV would have been the best choice for your 1st glass job and I recommend that you try that on the next several so that you can develop your squeegee and rail lapping techniques.

thanks petec, I’m in the UK so solarez isn’t too easy to come by. I have found UV catalyst for polyester stocked on a supplier site over here so might try and get a-hold of that.

Seabase ships everything you need.

I had no issues with them shipping to belgium and since they are in the UK, I can’t imagine any issue for you.

Hi Hans,

yes, I’ve used seabase a lot for various bits and pieces, they’re very good, they stock the UV catalyst, which I’m thinking of getting. Though knowing my luck we’ll now have no sun for the next 6 months :wink: