Just booked the new Ryanair Shannon to Biarritz route for the family and I for the first 2 weeks of August.

I am looking into accomodation in campsites there. I’m looking for one with all the facilities “Villas” kids clubs, pools the lot. Of course close enough to a decent Break.

If you can recommend any or know of a website where you can book directly cutting out the travel agent I would be very grateful.

Merci Beaucoup


PS If I can provide help for anyone travelling the opposite direction let me know.

Hello Kieran,

my wife says you should try this:

She should know, as she used to work for another campsite.

If you need help with translations or something, feel free to PM me.

“Le ruisseau” is in Bidart, situated a bit inland but it’s a short drive to Bidart’s “Plage du centre” (five minutes), one of the very fine beach breaks in the area. Bidart is a few hundred meters north of guéthary where I live and have my shop. If ever you feel like shaping while you are there…

Kieran, re-read your post… When you say “close enough to a decent break”, do you mean “within walking distance” or do you plan to have some means of transportation?

Also, two weeks in August is gonna be hard to book, even now… Many people booking one year in advance…

Let me know if I can help with anything.

I will be renting a car.

Yes some sites are booked up. That lead you gave me is already fully booked

I booked into le-ruisseau through and agent (about €800 More). I’m really looking forward to the trip. I guess the waves will be hit and miss at that time of the year so I haven’t booked a board on the airline. I may try to pick up something secondhand while I’m there.

Bonjour Balsa,

I plan to travel to France (via Portugal & Spain) with my wife, and be on the coast from July 21-27. We were going to stay at Carcans Plage but the bond for the house for the available days was too much and not refundable until we were back in Oz. I had contacted travel agents in Lacanau but they weren’t taking bookings until January - any suggestions about accommodation options near the beach? I was hoping for somewhere a bit uncrowded (I know it is summer) and not too far from Bordeuax (our entry/exit point) . We were trying for a 2 bedroom unit (or at least somewhere with a double and a single bed) as our daughter will be with us for this time - appx 500-700 E

Also, I was thinking of bringing a pauwlonia alaia board with me - have you heard of problems carrying a wooden board around Europe - any hassles with customs?

Any assistance is appreciated,


Hey Bob, you should try to get in touch with PierreB, Jeffrey or Lob who all post here on Sways and live near Bordeaux: they should be more aware of accomodations up there as Carcans or Lacanau are about 180 Kms north of where I’m living… I haven’t got many personal contacts in the Bordeaux area.

Hello Balsa,

Thanks. Will try your suggestion.