Biaxial Cloth only Lam

Hey Folks,

I am shaping a fish right now (took inspiration from the gofish by firewire). I bought 6 oz. biaxial cloth, because I liked the idea of biaxial cloth and the flexibility/durability of it.
Now I´ve read somewhere, that it doesnt make sense to completly lam a board with biaxial cloth only.
Is this right? Do you generally disadvise to do so? And if yes, why is this?
I was thinking of 6 oz. top and bot. I could add 4 oz. standart hexcel fiberglass on the top.
Thanks for your help.

Most brands just use it as an inlay on the deck and then capped with a standard glass layer.

I found using a steel roller works really good when doing bi-axial hand lams

Because most forces are lenghwise you need reinforcement in this direction. With only biaxial cloth your lam will take less forces in this direction, adding low stiffeness, so you need something else to take those loads. It can be your stringer or specific reinforcements. It can work great. But cap stitch cloth with a layer of “standard” cloth is realy effective for strengh and finish.

Thanks for the answers. I have a wooden stringer, is this sufficient. I´d prefer putting a 4 oz hexcel cloth patch on the top (not covering the rails but the rest). Would you advise to do so on the bottom? Just thinking the board might get a bit heavy with 6 oz + 4 oz on both sides…
What are your thoughts on this?

Eps epoxy or pu pe ? With traditional surf lam tech stitch glass take more resin so it’s used as deck patch only cap with standard surf glass to help finish and rails laps. On lighter eps foam you can use heavier skin so it’s easier to use stitch glass both sides with no too high final weight. Stitch glass, even lighter ones, are more effectively lam by lay them on resin than put resin on dry cloth tech.

I am using a pu blank with epoxy resin.
Just to be sure we talking about the same: Stitch glass is the biaxial cloth and wooven glass is the standart hexcel glass?
So you wouldn´t recommend laminating the biaxial cloth all over the board, but just a patch on deck and on the rails? Did I get you right?
On the describtion of the cloth it says:
"Advises for use :

  • polyurethane foam shortboard including stringer : 1 layer of fleXglass (220 gr) and 1 layer of fleXglass (220 gr) on bottom
  • eps foam with no stringer : 2 layers of fleXglass (220 gr) and 2 layers of fleXglass (220 gr) on bottom
  • stronger or bigger surfboards made with polyurethane foam and including stringer : 1 layer of fleXglass (220 gr) + 1 layer Hexcel 471 (206 gr) on deck - 1 layer of fleXglass (220 gr) on bottom.

What ever your choice flexGlass biaxial fiber should ever be laminate as first layer directly in contact with the foam."

This is why I thought I could just laminate top and bot with the biaxial cloth.