Big Fish Template


I’m wanting to make a big guy fish in the 8ft range. Does anybody have a template that they would share for a fish of that size or one a little smaller that can be scaled up without losing to much of the original shape? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

I was hoping the same for about a 6’8" fish. Otherwise I am stuck using my imagination which ive been unsuccesful at in the past!


If you had a bit more in your “User Profile”, like your location (at least general), it would make it easier for anyone to know if they’re in your locale and could get you what you’re seeking. Like an actual template instead of just throwing a bunch of measurements out there.


Like Pete said. Complete your profile. EVERYONE SHOULD.

Sorry about that. I updated my profile. I’m in San Diego.


I have updated mine as well. Sorry about butting in on you’re thread Pete maybe some info I receive would help you as well. I was thinking of a fish 16" - 21.5" - 17" x 2.75". Could anyone send me some #'s on a stringer template and outline similar to this. I was thinking for it to be a quad. It will be my first fish that I shape. I CANT WAIT!

I have a 6-6 template. Be easy to make a 6-8. I think its 17x22x17. Right around there. PM me an address if interested. I’ve learned you can ride these boards shorter than you may think. Sure you want one that big? Mike

Hi guys i am a big guy 115kgs (250lbs and i have built and been surfing a 6’6" 23 wide fish for the last few months I luv it and it works from waist high up for me.

Its a hollow timber built to steve lizz knee board but streched a bit. basically its approx 23 wide (3" up from mid) 17 nose and tail 6" butt crack 12.5" tip spread. I used 3.75" nose rocker and 1.25" tail with 9" keelers. basically I just got some MDF and used a bending stick (Old fly rod) and played around drawing templates untill i got something that looked and flowed allright.

Bottom is very slight concave in the nose to very slight vee in the finns

see below for a couple of pictures of the fish if you are chasing something along these lines let me know and i will get you more detailed measurements.