Big guy blanks?

Hi folks: fist time, long time, as they say in the world of talk radio blather. I have finally decided to take the shaping plunge and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a template for a board or any other suggestions. I am ordering two Clark blanks one 10’1"Y for a longboard and the other is where I need the help. I am a big guy (6’7" and 270 lbs) and a surfer of average ability. I have in mind a board with increased thickness through the chest, low entry rocker and wide point north of center. I want to maximize paddling speed and wave count while increasing maneuverablitly on a shorter board (for me). My current thoughts are a squash tail with 2+1 fin set up (I’d like to be able to ride the board as a single fin or thruster) in the 7’6" - 8’0"x22.5X3 range. Any suggestions on a blank and thoughts on templates and rail shapes would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, I’ve always found this forum enlightening.

You’re prolly gonna need a much bigger board, unless you like to sit sternum underwater, about tities deep.

Had a bud 275 lbs who ordered a G&S 8’6" x 23, right around 3.25 thick, and that’s how it floated him.

I think it’s still sitting on display at one of the SF’s surfshops. The light blue machine, with the sharkbite on the port side nose, circumfrence about an 11’er.

Was 3 stringers.

bubba look at the 7’10"R and the 8’4" R nice thick blanks make great big guy boards


Also, consider moving the WPoint back of center, tail wider than the nose, so you can pick up waves early.

WPoint forward generally means a narrower tail, and it just doesn’t pick up waves for your weight, unless you are surfing 20’ers.

For instance, an 8’ piggy style board, 23.5" wide, 17" nose, 18" tail, with the mass behind center so it supports YOU when you are standing.

Don’t narrow or thin the belly of the board, instead increase width and thickness aft of center!!

your a big guy for the 10’1Y. About the most you can get out of it is 3.25" thick. Might look at the 10’7H. Clark catalog says 3 7/8" but even after I skinned both sides my blank was still over 4". It also has a fast flat rocker. Plenty of thickness and width to template nearly anything. Maybe something like 10’6"x18"(n)x25"(c)x16"(t)x8"(pod) square tail single fin. Soft 50/50 rails all around. Add a little tail kick when thinning the blank.

I’m turning rails on my 2nd 10’7H right now. Ordered both blanks with the +3/4 nose + 1/4 tail both in the last 24", a standard rocker variation for this blank.

The one I’m shaping now is a varriant on my first board. This one is for my brother 6’2" 230-250# (?). He likes my super tanker for paddle speed and wave entry. Wave count went way up when I switched to it.

Thanks for the tips guys, keep ‘em comin’. I think I might be alright with the 10’1"Y, though. 3.25" thick is plenty of thickness for me. Currently I ride two boards pretty much all the time: a 9’4" Becker Mike Gee model (round pin with 2+1 fin set up) and a 9’0" Mabile-shaped G&S that is pure magic for me. I don’t think either one of them is over 3"thick and I’m pretty sure the Becker is thinner than 3". I’m definitely more worried about the “shortboard” blank.

Aloha Bubba:

We weigh about the same. For my longboards I use the 10’3" with the 10-1Y rockers BC +1N last 24. We made this great board from the 9’2"R that went 9’2" x 16" x 23" x 14" x 3". It is very loose and fast and works great on the North Shore. This can be shortened. I’ll send you some pics. Being older, I need a bit more floatation and Hawaii breaks require lots of paddling power if you line up on the outside.

BTW, the name brand of most of the boards I ride is Bubba Boards.

Pictures to follow later tonight.


Just returned from a trip to French Polynesia where I rode a board shaped just for there. From the 9"-2" R blank- netted a 9’-1" x 14" N x 22" wp 1" up x 14" T, round pin. Just barely skinned both sides and kept it 3 3/8". I weigh 200 -210. Worked good on the reef passes, fast and loose and good for the long paddles (no boat!) next one will probably be from the 8’-4"R.

Attached are some of my Big Guy board past and present all made from Clark Foam Blanks. The three boards picture are as follows: 9’3" egg (9’3"), 10’2" (10-3 with 10-1Y rockers, BC + 1"N last 24) Longboard and 10’6 Brewer Semi-gun (10-8A). The 9’2" fish is from the 10-3 blank with Kimo Green’s special rockers and the 9’2" banana semi-gun is from the 9’2R blank. I even made a 6’10" retro round pin from the 6’9" A blank (look for a post called Darum Board) that I ride in shore break surf. I was lucky enough to find shapers that know how to shape for a big guy and listen to my design ideas. Volume is the key. I hope this can give you ideas.