Big guy ONE fin

7’-6" x 23" wide by 3-1/2" thick ONE for MIKE.  EPS/Epoxy.




OoooOOoo Shiny!

Ace what is going on in the tail area , step tail ? maybe a shadow but it looks to perfect to be a shadow .

Board looks fun too

Very Nice! Love your work Ace! I love the way deep concaves work on a thick board very sweet example.

I have been working on these for awhile. It is all about the “feeling” of the ride. These are very smooth and “fit” in the wave. The concave tail or “V that went to far” seems to have several jobs. #1 breaks the planes of the wider tails= better rail to rail turns. #2 counteracts the soft bottom and gives “bite” in the turns. #3 the wide tails when “compressed” seem to want to lift and get on top of the water. #4 Here goes, by concentrating the vee “Pod” it seems to really help push the board into waves. I am also shaping the “pod” to be the sharpest and most pronounced, with similar angles where the third fins would have been.

 These are not for the “it has to be thin to win slash and bash crowed”. They are everything that does not work according to them. I know, I hear it all the time.  But I can not, or do not want to ride those boards and thats just not my style. I am not in a contest! These are a result of a “maturing” surfing style that has come from way to much time on my hands and good uncrowded waves and no one to impress. I have reached a point in my surfing that being told that the way my boards and style work is “pretty” I can actually accept as a compliment.  BUT they will fit into and come out of really tight spots. And yes they go fasssssssst when the waves opens up and gives em somewhere to go.

I have been playing with some different fins and trying to find that magic combo of hull and fin. Fin shape, design definitely affect  these boards. I will be updating my results on this soon.

These are not a board that someone will jump right on and pump and go.  I have spent a few months on mine, it has been the only board I have grabbed on a daily basis. I am still learning what it is capable of doing.  I am still evolving the shape. The results have been very positive from the guys that have been riding them…


This looks like too much fun, should be topped...

nive board…i like your design